It was such an honor to discover peace and well-being amongst a diverse patchwork of Bohemians. In those precious moments we demonstrated  unconventional love, as if the cameras were just a clever excuse. We rolled up our sleeves to show thorns and we were all titanium monochrome rose. We delighted in our company, and when we blinked then looked again we felt the force of our civility. We knew that what we shared was special. A Golden Community.    Jonah

I wonder what the world would be like if we were all surrounded by people who want our dreams to come true and pushed us to be our best selves.   Dawn

Healing is establishing a strong contingency not to return to any past experience that affected us negatively. This can be accomplished with unity in diversity as a beloved community.  El-Sun

I came home on February 27, 2024. For over 14 years I was in pain, ridden with guilt. My mom died while I was in prison. My brother went to prison for life. The rest of my siblings moved out of state. I came out alone. But now, for the first time in a very long time, I feel happy. I am still healing, still growing. It is a never-ending process. I’m going to be okay.  Erik

I no longer want to be weighed down by regrets. By what ifs. The things that happened, happened. I don’t want to doubt my strength, and capacity for love.  Johanna

Healing looks like self-love, going forward it looks like preventive care. Healing in the future means allowing others in and not expecting them to be perfect. To understand that they are just as human as I am. Ta’Chelle

We heal in community, not in isolation. We need to come out for and show up for others.  Being next to and with another person is life-giving.    Sally