Beyond Sides—Toward Reconciliation (e-book)

Beyond Sides—Toward Reconciliation was originally published as a chapter in an academic book, Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogues for Peacebuilding and Stability (IGI Global Press, 2019). Keeley’s chapter is a practical and pragmatic account of how poignant and revelatory photography workshops between contested communities around the world can be. 62pp.
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Through the Lens of Humanity by Saskia Keeley (e-book)

In workshops with Palestinian women and Israeli settlers, Saskia Keeley unpacks decades of fear and bias through the simple acts of looking and listening. In Through the Lens of Humanity, we see what Saskia witnesses through her camera lens and in her workshops. We discover how these women use the lens to give us insight into their own world, their home, their family. We also see the humanity in the portrayal of their perceived enemy and witness the intimacy created in a safe environment.
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