Mexico City, November 2022 

Dearest Saskia,

We wanted to write you this letter to express the deep gratitude that Reinserta has with you and your team, for all your support throughout the photo workshop, teaching men and women and showing them your sensitivity and empathy from day one. By inviting them to be open to their emotions, emotions who rarely come to light because they are people who are not used to expressing and sharing their feelings.

Something incredible we learned was that they do not have mirrors in prison, so seeing their photo was a reunion with themselves through their image. And as the days went by, we saw how their faces changed from the first photo taken to the last one. There were very emotional sessions where the whole team cried from all the experiences they shared through their photos.

Many women healed their body image issues by looking at the photos and how good they looked. With your guidance, it helped them reconcile the way they perceived themselves, rebuilding their self-esteem in what was reflected in each of their photos and how they expressed of their image.  

Reinserta's achievements would not be possible without the help of people like you who decide to join forces to work for a safer Mexico and who seek to position Reinserta as an association that fights for the human rights of children and juveniles in context of violence in our country.

On behalf of Reinserta’s foundation, 

thank you for your help in humanizing the stories behind men and woman who are imprisoned, and for helping us create a Mexico that rebuilds a sense of community every day.

We are eager for the Senate exhibition to happen!

With love,

The entire Reinserta team.